The Red Church door is the digital home for the spiritually hungry. It’s a place where one can come to find articles on christian formation, spiritual grown, and evangelism; insightful and motivational sermons; and the RCD Podcast which highlights voice from around the church whose passion it is to find a deeper understanding of God.

From “Tending the Vine” the Newsletter of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire (November 2018)

Chances are you probably know what website to go to for news, or for movie reviews, or for recipes, or for funny cat videos - but where do you go if you need to be spiritually fed? Is there website or app you use? A podcast you listen to?

Last month, St. Peter’s Londonderry (along with help from the Mission Resource Committee) launched Red Church Door (RCD) to be that place.

RCD hopes to be a “digital front door” for Episcopal churches in New Hampshire. Simply put, it’s a place where you can come to hear incredible weekly sermons from local preachers, read original content about spiritual formation and evangelism, catch up on good new from around the local and greater church.

Finally, you can listen and subscribe to the RCD Podcast where I have personal interviews with people who who make it their lives to understand a deeper understanding of God (you can listen to our first episode with spiritual director and poet, Kimberly Clouter Green, now).

What good is the best digital content if it does not also point people to church? The hope is that readers will share sermons, articles, and podcasts through their social media, which will then point others to the RCD website where they can find the closest church in their area. Think of RCD as the church homepage you don’t have to update.